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Study with us and break down linguistic and cultural barriers.We offer the best courses in Portuguese Language as a foreign language, and also a wide range of Information Technologies courses.
Learn with the best native certified teachers, and be part of a community which extends far beyond the classroom.

Why learn Mandarin?

It is a language in great development in the world;
Speaking Mandarin opens the door to one of the most ancient and fascinating cultures
It allows to appreciate its vast cultural heritage;
China is already a major economic power with interests in Portuguese-speaking countries;
Mastering Mandarin can provide a competitive advantage;
Mastering Mandarin helps build better relationships with Chinese trading partners;
Learning a language and writing the Chinese characters is a rewarding challenge;
Learn Mandarin (Chinese Official Language) with the best professionals in Lisbon

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Letícia Kong
Letícia Kong

Rui Carvalho
Rui Carvalho

"We work every day as a team to be the best at what we do, and never less. "

Miguel (Zheng Ming Lei)
Miguel (Zheng Ming Lei)

Ensino de lingua: 寓教于乐!


  • "In addition to thanking the teacher for everything I learned , I also have to thank her for my ​​new friends- our class." Henrique Santos

  •  "It was very easy to communicate with the teacher , who, being Chinese , has always shown herself available to explain the matters paciently,many times as needed." Maria João Marques

  • "The teacher explains very well and I found very interesting all  the curiosities of the chinese culture that she has told us about . " Cloé dos Santos

  • Lélia Maria Jesus